The 3 Best Dog Bed For a Sheltie in 2021

Dogs deserve and need a good night’s sleep too, and a cozy bed can add to the comfort and ease of sleeping for your dog. As your dog grows larger, he’ll need a more comfortable bed to sleep in. Fluffy beds with enough padding and cushions can help your dog in staying asleep the whole night.

Every dog breed might have its very own specific bed needs. For example; you’ll need to buy the best dog bed for a ​Shetland ​Sheepdog if you have one in your home. If you’re looking for a good, comfortable and cozy bed for your sheltie, here are some factors you must consider.

Top 3 Best Dog Bed For a Shetland Sheepdog in 2020

Coolaroo The Original Elevated Pet Bed, Small, Grey
  • Off-the-ground bed design keeps your pet cool by increasing air flow from all sides
  • Breathable HDPE fabric eliminates hot spots and has a cooling effect to their fur coat
22L-Inch White Fleece Dog Bed or Cat Bed w/ Comfortable Bolster | Ideal for XS Dog Breeds & Fits a 22-Inch Dog Crate | Easy Maintenance Machine Wash & Dry | 1-Year Warranty
  • Pet bed fits 22 inch long dog crates & works great as a stand alone pet bed. Pet bed is...
  • TURN YOUR DOG'S CRATE INTO THEIR FOREVER HOME. Use pet bed in conjunction with their dog...
MidWest Homes for Pets Plush Pet Bed | Ombré Swirl Dog Bed & Cat Bed | Gray 17L x 11W x 1.5H - Inches for Toy Dog Breeds, 40618-SGB, 18-Inch
  • ULTRA PLUSH PET BED | Gray Ombré Swirl deluxe dog bed & cat bed works great as a stand...
  • PERFECT PET BED FOR TOY BREEDS | Ideal for dog & cats weighing up to 6 pounds, this pet...

Buying Guide

The Qualities of a Good Dog Bed

Every different dog breed has its own comfort and bed requirements. There are some common points that you can’t compromise when buying a bed. These points apply no matter if you have a shetland sheepdog or any other breed.

It Should Provide Warmth

Dogs stay together in the wild and sleep closer to each other to get the needed warmth. This is the main reason why your shetland sheepdog usually climbs on your bed. He’s just trying to get some warmth.

A good dog bed for shetland sheepdogs or any other breed must contain enough stuff to contain the body heat.

A bed that provides warmth to your dog can help in keeping him asleep on his own bed at night, and not on yours.

It Should Be Comfortable

Just like we all seek comfort from our beds, your shetland sheepdog is also looking for comfort in his bed. If the dog bed isn’t comfortable enough, you’ll notice your dog changing places and sleeping on bean bags.

So, when looking for a pet bed for your dog, you should try to buy the best bed that is comfortable too. Comfortable dog beds are specifically great for senior dogs, and those with arthritis.

Should Provide Coolness Whenever Necessary

Whenever the temperature starts to go up, your dog will need to take all the extra heat out of his body. The only way dogs can sweat and get rid of the heat is by panting. The shetland sheepdog breed is double coated, so, they feel the heat more than many other breeds.

You can remove your clothes to keep yourself away from heat. You’ll need a raised bed for your shetland sheepdog that’ll keep him cool by providing the extra airflow needed.

It Should Be Durable

Durability is a no brainer when you’re buying a dog bed. Try to buy the best bed made from hard materials. This is important because dogs often develop a habit of chewing everything they find.

Your shetland sheepdog doesn’t have high chewing power like many other dog breeds. But they do have a tendency to chew hard things when they’re young. So, buy a dog bed that’ll easily bear the bites of your small canine.

Should Provide Privacy And Security (in some cases)

Keep in mind that dogs like to burrow into the ground to sleep. So, in their initial days with you, they might not feel secure. This can disturb their sleep cycle.

If you’re having this problem with your shetland sheepdog, you can try buying him a nice enclosed bed. This will help mimic their natural safe habitat.

Doing this will define a territory for your dog, and will provide him with some privacy. Once the dog gets out of this habit, you can buy him a regular pet bed.

Never Commit These Mistakes When Buying a Pet Bed

Like we mentioned before, everybody deserves a comfortable bed for sleeping. Especially in the case of shetland sheepdog and some other breeds, they sleep over 12 hours a day.

So, you should buy your sheltie the best bed that’ll keep him asleep for as long as he wants to.

But as easy as buying the best bed for your dog might look like, it can get a bit tricky at times.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that shetland sheepdog owners make. So, be considerate while buying dog beds for their pet.

Mistakes to Avoid

Buying an Unsuitable Size

You don’t need to make any guesses when buying a pet bed for your dog.

Measure the length of your dog before shopping for a suitable bed that’ll easily accommodate him.

A bed that is too small to house the dog will never prove to be a comfortable choice. Try imagining yourself sleeping with your legs hanging off the bed. That’s what your dog will feel like with a smaller bed.

Choosing The Wrong Shape

This can also be a horrible buying mistake that you might make.

For the best results, try analyzing the sleep positions of your dog. Then choose the right bed shape to help him sleep comfortably.

There can be lots of different shapes -just like humans- that dogs like to sleep in. You just need to find out which one your sheltie likes the most to buy him a good bed.

When choosing the shape of your pet's bed, also consider his medical condition. Orthopedic beds are a good choice for senior dogs with arthritis or other conditions.

When buying a bed and choosing its shape, your main goal should be to provide your dog with the most comfy bed.

Going Wrong on The Texture

When it comes to dogs, texture is a very subjective thing. As dogs often have their own preferences of fabric textures.

To find out the best texture type for your dog, note the surfaces he likes to flop on. This will help you in determining the texture he likes the most.

Climate also plays an important role in determining the texture you’ll be choosing. Thicker fabrics work for colder areas. And thin and sleek fabrics are best for warmer locations.

Keep in mind that your sheltie will take some time to adapt to his new bed. Wait for some time before trying another option as your pet bed.

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