The 3 Best Dog Bed For Odor Control in 2021

A lot of people don’t pay enough attention to the fact that dogs love nice smells. They have a very strong sense of smell. So if the dog bed you buy for your pet smells bad then chances are that your dog will be quite unhappy. Hence, you need to factor odor prevention and other such elements into your decision to buy the best pet bed. A lot of articles on the subject suggest getting an odor resistant dog. But you might prefer to focus on getting the best odor resistant dog bed instead, and we can help you do just that.

Top 3 ​Dog Beds For Odor Control in 2020

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Buying Guide

It’s fair to say that you want to prevent odors from developing on your dog bed. Hence, you need to look into buying the best odor resistant dog beds. There are a few unique qualities that an odor resistant dog bed would have. This buying guide will shed some light on these qualities. This will help you so that you know what to look for when you go shopping for this item. There are four main tips that we can give you in this regard.

Look For Breathable Materials

One reason for odor accumulation around a dog bed is that the bed cover is too dense. This might be useful in colder climates due to its insulating effect. But the less breathable the material is the more likely it will be to trap odors. Try to get a dog bed with the most breathable material available. If warmth is an issue, give your dog a blanket or some other means of keeping itself warm. This would make it so that the dog bed itself does not end up absorbing any unpleasant odors.

Prioritize Odor Resistant Beds

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when shopping for a dog bed. But if you don’t want any unpleasant ​odors then you might want to focus one an odor resistant dog bed. There are various properties that can make a dog bed odor resistant. A dog bed that is easy to clean would be useful. ​A ​good dog bed ​might also have a machine washable removable cover. You should definitely look for a washable cover.

Keep Your Pet’s Specific Needs in Mind

Different dogs will need different kinds of dog beds. You might have an older dog that’s prone to incontinence. Hence, finding a machine washable dog bed would become a higher priority. An odor resistant dog bed would also be more important for younger pups that haven’t been toilet trained. Regardless you should try to only buy high quality dog beds. Try to keep the size of your pet in mind as well. Getting a large dog bed is always useful because they take a longer time to develop unpleasant odors. Such beds are heavy duty as well so they don’t break as easily. Try not to get anything extra large though because it’ll be more difficult to clean.

Be Careful With Memory Foam

A memory foam dog bed is often considered the best of the best. But the truth is that memory foam is not very odor resistant. If your dog needs orthopedic support, avoid getting orthopedic memory foam. Instead focus on getting an alternative orthopedic dog bed because it would be more odor-resistant. ​​Orthopedic memory foam is machine washable though, so you might be able to make some kind of a compromise. Try to get something that’s either easy to clean or odor-resistant although finding both would be most ideal.


Q. Why Do Dog Beds Smell?

Over time dog beds can accumulate dirt, grime and odors from your pet itself. Dogs generally need to be kept quite clean. So if you have not been paying attention to your dog’s hygiene then this would lead to odors developing in its dog bed. There could also be other factors such as your dog having an upset stomach. Or perhaps other pets you own might be trying to claim a new dog bed as its territory and would be marking it as such. Avoid using memory foam as well due to its tendency to absorb odors.

Q. How Can I Keep My Dogs Bed From Smelling?

This requires a two pronged approach. For one thing, you need to keep washing the removable cover. And you would have to bathe your animal on a regular basis. Being proactive by buying an odor-resistant item can also be quite useful. ​Odor resistant dog beds that are designed to prevent odors from accumulating can be a little more expensive. But they are definitely worth it in the long run.

Q. What Can I Spray on My Dog’s Bed?

A dog bed can be kept odor free using a variety of sprays. But, with all that having been said and out of the way, you should try to avoid sprays that have a strong fragrance to them as these can make your dog bed uncomfortable for your dog. Instead, go for sprays that neutralize odors. Rather than covering them up with new fragrances.

Q. Is Febreze safe for dog beds?

Febreze is a very popular air freshener so you might want to use it to neutralize odors around a dog bed. It is safe to use on fabrics but you should make sure that your pet is at a distance while you are using it. Try not to let your pet near any dog beds that have been recently sprayed. Wait until the air freshener has dried before letting your dog use its dog bed again just to be on the safe side.

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