The 3 Best Dog Bed For Spinal Cord Injury in 2021

On average, dogs spend around 12 to 15 hours per day/ or half of their lives sleeping. So, one of the best gifts that you can give to your dog is a comfortable dog bed for quality sleep. The orthopedic dog bed of memory foam can help the dogs of any dog breeds get the best sleep possible. An orthopedic dog bed is the best choice for a dog bed for spinal cord injury. It is also good for dogs with other conditions like arthritis and hip dysplasia. The orthopedic dog bed works by supporting the muscles of your dog and helps in distributing their weight evenly on the bed for better sleep and less pain.

Top 3 ​Dog Beds For Spinal Cord Injury in 2020

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Buying Guide

Dogs that have gone through operations also enjoy the best orthopedic dog beds. Some pet owners use these beds for their small puppies and large dogs to help them get better sleep.

If your dog has a spinal cord injury, he might face difficulty in sleeping on an uncomfortable pet bed. That’s where orthopedic beds come in. They can also help your older dogs and large dogs in sleeping well by removing the problems of bad dog beds.

Usually, the best orthopedic dog beds are made with orthopedic memory foam dog. It is good material for support and even weight distribution. Here’s a guide on how to choose the right best dog orthopedic bed for your beloved dog.

Select The Right Size

  • Considering the size of a good orthopedic bed should be your first priority when buying one for your dog. An extra large big barker dog bed fails to provide small dogs with warmth. Smaller orthopedic dog beds would restrict the movement of your dog while he’s trying to sleep. So, you should try out different sizes before buying a bed. You can measure the size of your dog when he’s sleeping and then use a size chart to find the best fitting size for your dog.
  • The second factor to consider is the bolster. It’s like a small cushion that runs along the edge of your dog bed. If your dog likes to raise his head while sleeping. You should go for the best dog beds with bolster installed as a support foam, otherwise, a bed with no bolster will do.
  • Nesting orthopedic beds can also be a choice of yours if you’d like to give your dog’s spine some extra warmth. Your dog would love to burrow into the warm hood of these ​dog beds, as this is their natural instinct. Nesting orthopedic beds are usually machine washable. They are easy to clean, so, you can keep them perfectly clean and healthy.
  • The height of the ​bed also plays an important role in the comfort given to your pet. But if you have dogs with spinal cord injuries or any other joint problems. You don’t want to buy too high or too low dog beds with orthopedic foam. Orthopedic beds already come in various sizes, and you can select one according to your dog’s needs.

Choose The Materials Carefully

  • Whenever you’re looking for a good orthopedic dog bed for a dog with a spinal cord injury or joint pain, do the research. The orthopedic dog beds are said to have quality materials. But they might not have good enough materials to provide your injured dog with comfort. The memory foam dog bed is your best option. So, you should avoid other types of foams such as egg crate foam or polyester fiber.
  • The memory foam is the best type of foam that you can go for when buying an orthopedic dog bed. This foam adapts itself according to the body shape of your dog. The memory foam relieves the dog’s pain by preventing pressure on any pressure points. The memory foam is also very long-lasting. Keep in mind that memory foam dog beds are usually expensive. So, for cheaper/ budget friendly options, you can opt for a dog bed made with memory foam chips.
  • In buying ​a bed, buy the one having machine washable cover for easy cleaning. This will allow you to keep the bed neat and clean for your dog. Waterproof covers can also help you with the senior dogs with bladder leakage. The machine washable covers are the best choice when it comes to the comfort of your dog. The big barker beds can be your best bet for big dogs. They can also provide with a microfiber cover to your giant dog, removable cover can also be a great option.

Buying The Right Bed

After going through all the features for buying the best ​bed for your injured dog, it all comes down to the actual process of buying the bed.

Here are some steps to follow when buying an orthopedic bed, or any other type of bed for your injured dog, or older dogs.

Allocate a Budget

Remember that high quality orthopedic beds of memory foam are costly than other dog beds. So, it would be better if you make a specific budget and see how much you’ll be willing to spend for an orthopedic dog bed. Buying big barker beds for larger dogs might also get a bit expensive.

If your budget doesn’t allow, you can also buy a used a bed before going to the cheaper options.

Consult an Expert

If you’re unsure about what you should buy for your injured dog, just ask a vet. They are qualified enough to help you choose the best bed according to the specific needs of your dog. Vets also have the best orthopedic dog bed sellers in touch. They can recommend you, and this will make the buying process really easy.

Shop Around

Shopping around by visiting the local pet stores is a great idea. These stores always have a host of dog bed options for you to choose from. When buying beds this way, make sure that you know it’s true size, design, and the material it’s made out of. Even if you’re buying a memory foam ​bed, you should see its thickness before buying, and try out different sizes.

Conduct a Thorough Research

If you’re buying a ​bed from local stores, you’ll be limited by the variety available around you. However, this isn’t the case when you’re buying online. You can begin searching even if you don’t know what to look for. Compare different ​products before buying ​an orthopedic ​bed.

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