The 8 Best Dog Beds For Labs in 2020

Labradors are arguably some of the best canine companions out there. These dogs make great pets thanks to their loving nature and an insatiable need to please. The Labrador dog breed has an extensive history with humans. This breed has been used by fishers and hunters as well. Nowadays, you’ll mostly find Labs as part of a family. They make superb family pets that can easily scamper their way into your heart. Today, we’re going to be talking about the best dog beds for Labs in ​2020. A pet as amazing as a Labrador definitely deserves love and affection. They also deserve creature comforts that will improve the quality of their lives.

​The 8 Best Dog Beds For Labs in ​2020

The following are the ​top choices in dog beds for Labradors.

best dog beds for Labs in 2019


  • A 7 inches thick flatbed that is perfect for Labs and other large breeds. ​Big Barker offers an exceptional amount of body support. The combination of memory foam and support foam in this pet bed makes it really comfortable.
  • It even has an elevated pillow to one side which offers additional comfort.
  • The outer cover of the pet bed is tough. Your dog will need to make an effort to chew through it. The cover can be removed and washed by machine.


  • A superbly comfortable orthopedic ​memory foam bed for larger dogs by ​Big ​Barker.
  • The bed’s foam comes with a ten-year guarantee on its loftiness.
  • The bed’s removable cover is tough and easy to clean.


  • There isn’t any waterproofing in this ​Big ​Barker bed.
  • This ​Big ​Barker bed is quite expensive.

DogBed4Less Orthopedic Memory Foam

dogbed4less review


  • An orthopedic ​memory foam flatbed that offers a 4 inch thick, supportive foam. This dog bed is made completely from memory foam. This greatly enhances the bed’s ability to provide body support. The pet bed molds to the shape of your dog’s body without being too compressed.
  • The pet bed comes with an inner waterproof lining. This makes the bed accident proof and easier to maintain.


  • It’s entirely made of memory foam.
  • The bed offers superb targeted support for joint pain relief.
  • The cover and waterproof lining are machine washable.


  • The bed’s foam comes with a short warranty (2 years only).

Kuranda Chewproof Elevated Dog Bed


  • This cot style bed is a perfect option for destructive dogs. It has a sturdy PVC frame that doesn’t tempt your dog’s jaws. The fabric surface of the bed doesn’t have any exposed edges either.
  • The breathable and elevated fabric top of the bed offers decent ventilation. This bed is ideal for warmer climes where you want to keep your dog cool.
  • The raised platform design makes the bed usable outdoors as well.


  • This bed is chew proof thanks to its design and the materials used.
  • It offers superb ventilation that will keep its occupant nice and cool.


  • Not as comfortable as a foam bed.
  • Won’t provide any joint pain relief.

PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed


  • A roomy flatbed with bolstered sides. This bed’s design is all about comfort and snugness. The bed itself has memory foam filling that makes it extra comfortable. The bolstered sides are filled with polyfill.
  • The bed’s 4-inch thick slab of memory foam offers great body support. Your dog can expect to enjoy a relaxing rest on this bed every time.
  • The bed’s cover is water resistant. It’s also machine washable.


  • The bed’s design makes its occupant feel secure and snug.
  • A solid piece of memory foam makes the bed extra comfortable and supportive.
  • Its cover is waterproof and ​easy to clean.


  • This bed isn’t the sturdiest option. Its cover isn’t suitable for dogs that chew a lot.


  • A 4 inch thick flatbed with a suede cover. This dog bed is ideal for older dogs since it offers great joint support. The suede cover adds an extra dimension of comfort to the bed.
  • The suede cover is removable and machine washable. The bed comes with an anti-slip bottom that will help keep it in place.


  • An affordable option for someone who’s searching for an orthopedic ​memory foam bed.
  • The bed’s thick foam makes it ideal for larger dogs.
  • Its suede removable cover makes the bed suitable for pets with allergies.


  • The bed’s removable cover isn’t durable at all. It can rip if you aren’t washing it carefully.
  • The cover’s zipper is prone to falling apart as well.

Armarkat Pet Bed Mat


  • This dog bed is designed with the pet parents kept in mind. It’s ​easy to clean and very easy to maintain. It also looks good.
  • The bed is made of normal support foam. Its outer cover can be removed and cleaned. The bed is waterproof as well.


  • The bed’s cover is well-made. You won’t have to worry about it being ripped easily.
  • The bed’s maintenance is extremely simple.


  • The waterproof lining in the bed crackles a lot. This could give your dog a reason to start chewing on the bed.

Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed


  • This donut/bagel style dog bed looks really cute. It offers a depressed resting area that is surrounded by elevated sides. This design makes the bed extra comfortable.
  • The bed’s elevated sides maximize its comfort. The base of the bed is supportive and has a waterproof lining in it as well.


  • The bed’s design makes it quite eye pleasing. It can make a great addition to your living area’s aesthetics.
  • Despite having a design that emphasizes on snugness, the bed offers enough space for your dog to stretch out comfortably.
  • The bed offers a lot of value at a decent price point.


  • The bed has a chemical smell to it when it arrives. This smell can be removed after washing it once.
  • More destructive dogs will chew through this bed.

Happy Hounds Oscar Orthopedic Dog Bed


  • Vets recommend this ​bed for preventive health care. It is made for senior dogs that have weaker joints or are prone to developing joint problems.
  • The bed’s memory foam filling offers targeted body support and keeps its occupant comfortable.


  • This bed is very affordable despite being ​orthopedic.
  • It’s designed for large ​dogs.
  • The bed’s comfort makes it a pet favorite.


  • The bed’s cover isn’t removable. You’ll have a hard time cleaning the bed.
  • The bed is quite prone to chewing damage.
  • Its memory foam begins to compress after a bit of use.

These are some of the best dog beds ​for ​labs. Every bed that we’ve picked offers a great combination of comfort and body support. These beds are also easy to maintain and don’t look too bad.

​Buyer's Guide

Dog beds have been gaining popularity for a while now. These accessories are a superb investment for many reasons. They can keep pet parents and pets happy by making their lives easier. Let’s look at the benefits of owning a dog bed.

Why Buy a Dog Bed?

Some people think that dog beds are overkill products. Products that are designed to appeal to overly doting pet parents who like to pamper their pets. However, just because a dog is an animal, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need comfort. A dog bed can provide a dog with a warm and soft surface to rest on. They keep a dog off of the cold hard floor and also provide them with body support. Dogs have sensitive bone structures that can be damaged rather easily. This makes lying on harder surfaces inadvisable for dogs. Especially for larger breeds that have a greater body mass.

A dog bed will minimize any excessive pressure that a dog’s skeleton may face. Dog beds do this by distributing your dog’s body weight more evenly. Their softer surface also provides better spine and neck support.

A dog bed also makes things easier for an owner. Once your dog gets attached to its bed, you’ll no longer have to worry about dog fur polluting your home. Having a dog bed will give your dog a reason not to lounge on your carpets and furniture. This will make fur management simpler as you’ll only have to worry about cleaning your dog’s bed. The best dog beds are designed to be easy to clean. They have removable and machine washable covers.

Types of Dog Beds

Dog beds come in various shapes and sizes. There’s an ever-growing number of ​beds available in the market. This is a great thing since it gives dog owners more variety to choose from. We’ve covered the various types of ​beds in a previous article already. Over here, we’re briefly going to talk about the different material options available to us.

Dog beds have two parts to them; an outer cover and an inner filling. The outer cover is made from various durable and easy to maintain fabrics. Depending on what type of fabric is used, a bed’s outer cover can be insulating, sturdy, or waterproof.

The inner filling is far more important as it determines a bed’s ability to provide body support. Dog beds mostly make use of normal foam or memory foam. Memory foam can be found in orthopedic beds most of the times. Some beds also make use of cedar wood filling to repel fleas. However, beds for large dogs usually use foam or memory foam. Both materials offer superior body support.

What to Look For in a Dog Bed For a Lab

Labs are large and bulky dogs, and they can easily weigh as much as a 100 Lbs. once they’ve matured. Their body weight and their large size make picking beds for them a bit challenging. It is important that you find a dog bed that suits them. Otherwise, a dog bed won’t be able to do its job properly. Let’s go through a few factors that should be kept in mind.

The size of a bed is very important. A bed should be large enough to allow a dog to lie down on it comfortably. For larger dog breeds you should always grab a large or extra-large dog bed. Taking measurements of your dog can help. Sometimes size charts provided by companies aren’t accurate, which is why you should know your dog’s length before you purchase a bed for them. An ideal bed should provide enough space for your dog to lie down on it completely stretched out.

The sturdiness of a bed should be kept in mind as well. You shouldn’t forget the fact that fabric and foam are potential choking hazards. A weak dog bed can be torn open, and your dog can swallow its inner filling. A well-built bed is especially important for a Lab since these dogs chew a lot. Labs have a high energy drive, and they’re bound to chew on whatever they get their teeth on. Fortunately, only the most sub-standard ​beds can’t withstand a bite or two. A well-made bed will be able to hold out for a reasonable amount of time.

Dogs aren’t all that familiar with the concept of hygiene. They shed a lot, get muddy, and sometimes even have accidents. This is why it’s important to get an easily washable bed. Dog breeds like Labs that have long fur and like going outdoors are especially messy, which means that you’ll find yourself cleaning their beds quite often.

The last and perhaps the most important factor is body support. A large dog like a Labrador is prone to develop joint pains. Labs often face complications like these in their later years. However, if you provide your dog with a suitable bed, you can minimize the stress that their joints take. Get a bed that offers decent support for the neck, shoulders, and back. This will help your dog maintain a healthy posture while it’s lying around. For dogs with joint problems, an orthopedic bed is recommended. Orthopedic beds offer targeted joint support that can greatly alleviate joint pain. These beds can provide a dog with much-needed relief and help it rest better.

Labradors are precious pets. Their loving nature and undying loyalty make them hard not to love. They make great companions and are a great addition to any family. As long as you take good care of them, they’ll continue to bring joy in your life. Investing in good dog beds for for labradors is a form of preventive pet care. Your dog manages to rest better and maintain a better posture. This maintains their health and reduces the chances of your dog developing problems in their senior years.

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