The 6 Best Dog Crate in 2020

Dogs are known for being energetic. While this trait makes them ever more endearing, it can get annoying at times as well. An overly energetic dog can become unruly or can even become a threat for itself. A great way to make sure that overly energetic dogs don’t become a handful is to invest in a dog crate. Dog crates are essentially cages for keeping your pooch in place. Today, we’re going to be taking a detailed look at dog crates and talk about some of the best dog crate options in the market.

Top 6 ​Dog Crate Options

​​Now let's check out the​ top dog crate reviews below.


  • ​A well-built, well-ventilated plastic pet crate that is perfect for traveling. It features rubberized feet, double locks, and a compact body.
  • ​It can easily transport medium to large sized dogs and is also very easy to assemble.


  • ​Sturdy plastic walls, you won’t have to worry about any flimsiness.
  • ​Its assembly only requires one screwdriver.
  • ​Features two locks for added security.


  • ​It’s expensive and has separately sold accessories.
  • ​Cleaning it isn’t easy, and it offers limited ventilation. Not suitable for transporting dogs in warmer areas.
best dog crate


  • ​An incredibly well built heavy-duty crate. Its build material is rustproof and doesn’t have any sharp edges.
  • ​The front door has heavy-duty latches and escape proof locks.
  • ​The entire crate’s design is quite practical. It can be used for transportation as well thanks to its removable wheels.


  • ​Exceptional build quality. The entire crate has undergone superb welding.
  • ​Its front latches are designed to be escape proof. The crate’s occupant can’t reach for them at all from the inside.
  • ​The crate comes with removable wheels that make transportation easier. You also get a removable tray that makes cleaning the crate a breeze.


  • ​It’s quite expensive.
  • ​Its heavy build makes the crate unsuitable for transportation.
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  • ​A lightweight ​metal dog crate that is designed to be quite versatile. It has an adjustable partition and features two doors with slide-bolt latches.
  • ​The entire crate is collapsible as well. This makes it easier to carry around with you during trips.


  • ​Offers plenty of versatility at a very affordable price.
  • ​The crate has an electro-coated finish which makes it rust resistant. You don’t have to worry about its paint chipping off either.
  • ​Allows you to adjust its available space, making it suitable for growing pups.


  • ​Assembling this crate can be rather tricky.


  • ​A wire crate designed for outdoor use. It has a distinct look to it and comes with a canopy as well.
  • ​The product’s design is very well-thought. Each part is dog-proof and weatherproof. This makes the crate exceptionally durable.


  • ​Superb build quality, its wire frame is sturdy and reinforced with a thicker outer frame.
  • ​The canopy is UV resistant, meaning that its color won’t fade under the sun.
  • ​Its assembly is quite easy. You don’t need any special tools. The crate is also very easy to clean.


  • ​It is bulky and only suitable for outdoor use.
  • ​The crate is designed to be used in a fixed spot, making it a bad choice for people who want portability.


  • ​A soft-sided crate that features comfort and durability. Its mesh fabric cloth is wrapped around a sturdy steel frame.
  • ​The crate’s breathable mesh makes it well ventilated while also offering privacy for its occupant. There are three doors on this crate that can be opened to make it more spacious.


  • ​It’s durable yet lightweight.
  • ​It comes with a pouch to store essential items, and its cloth is easy to remove. The whole crate can be collapsed and folded to make it more compact when needed.
  • ​A great transportation crate for smaller dogs in warmer climes.
  • ​The crate is also affordable.


  • ​The mesh fabric makes the crate very insecure. Even an unruly pup can break through it with a bit of effort.
impact dog crate review


  • ​An incredibly durable plastic crate style crate. However, instead of being made of plastic, its body is made of aluminum. This makes the crate extra durable without having to sacrifice on its weight.
  • ​It is collapsible, escape-proof and designed with portability kept in mind.


  • ​Provides a superb combination of portability and strength. Can be great for traveling owners with medium sized dogs.
  • ​Its design is IATA compliant. It also features safety features such as capped corners.
  • ​The entire crate can be collapsed down to a height of 8 inches.


  • ​This model comes with a premium price.
  • ​Its design can make it hard to clean. Also, its aluminum body can be dented easily.

These were some of the best dog crates that are available in the market. Each of these crates has their plus points that make them suitable for a variety of dog breeds. You’re now ready to head out and buy a superb ​pet crate for your ​dog — one that will provide them with a safe and secure place to stay in.

​Buying Guide

​Types of Dog Crates

The main purpose of a dog crate is to provide a safe and comfortable storage solution for dog owners. There are many dog crates available in the market which is a good thing since dogs come in varying shapes and sizes. Some crates are designed to provide a sturdy and roomy enclosure for bigger dogs. Other favor portability and are designed to allow you to take your dog around with you. Dog crates can be grouped into five major categories:

  • 1
    ​Plastic dog crates
  • 2
    ​Soft-sided dog crates
  • 3
    ​Fashion dog crates
  • 4
    ​Wire dog crates
  • 5
    ​Heavy duty dog crates

Plastic dog crates have a pretty iconic look. They’re lightweight, nicely covered and overall provide a great portable enclosure for dogs that value their privacy. They can easily keep small to medium sized dogs inside of them. However, they can be hard to clean thanks to their solid plastic walls. They also offer poor ventilation as compared to other options.

Soft-sided dog crates look really cute. They provide a cozy and private enclosure for your dog while they’re on the move. The downside of these crates is that they’re hard to clean and only suitable for a small dog. In fact, soft-sided crates are usually only recommended for pups since adult dogs can easily tear through them. Their fabric construction makes them poor at keeping an unruly dog in place.

A Fashion dog crate can equal as a trendy looking piece of furniture as well. These crates are designed to look good and provide your dog with a comfortable enclosure. They usually have a wood-based body that makes them mildly durable. These woode dog crates can keep a dog inside of them, provided that the dog doesn’t tend towards being destructive. Their wooden construction makes them weak against strong jaws. Other than this problem, fashion crates get the job done and look great.

Wire dog crates are essentially dog cages. They have a wire construction that makes them airy and very easy to clean. They’re a great option for dogs that don’t like tight spaces since their cage like construction lets the dog look at its surroundings. A great thing about wire crates is that they are designed to be adjustable. Some models can even be collapsed to make them easier to transport.

For dogs that are exceptionally unruly, we have heavy-duty dog crates. These are essentially a buffed up version of a wire crate. They come with thicker bars and more robust construction. These crates can keep even the most destructive dogs locked up without breaking a sweat. Heavy-duty crates tend to be expensive, but their longevity often makes them worth purchasing.

Why Should You Buy a Dog Crate?

A dog crate might seem like a rather cruel accessory at first. Many people believe that caging a dog is a bad thing to do for various reasons. However, a decent crate can come in handy at times, especially if you travel a lot. They provide a secure and familiar place for your dog to stay in while you’re on the move. They can also be used to keep your dog safe while you’re out of your home.

Keep in mind that before you lock your pup inside of a crate, you need to get them accustomed to the idea of being locked up. This is done by crate training your dog. Crate training acclimatizes a dog to the concept of being locked up. It makes them get used to staying put and also familiarizes them with their crate.

Generally, wire and heavy-duty crates are recommended for larger and destructive dogs. Plastic and soft-sided crates are more suitable for people who want to travel with their pets frequently. Your dog’s size and their temperament should also be kept in mind. Dogs that tend to be more hyper and aggressive shouldn’t be kept in crates that can’t withstand their bites.

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Crate

An ideal dog crate should make life easier for you and more comfortable for your dog. When you’re about to pick one, keep your dog’s size in mind. If you are buying a crate for an adult dog, then you’d want one that gives them an ample amount of room to stretch in. If you’re getting one for a puppy, then ​do remember that your pup will grow. You should look for an adjustable crate for a pup. Or if you aren’t sure about how big your pup will get, then you should buy an inexpensive crate at first and upgrade to a better one once your pup outgrows it.

The build material of a crate should also be considered. An ideal crate should be able to withstand your dog’s destructive antics. The right amount of strength of its materials depends on your dog’s nature and their breed. Also, some crates are made of lighter materials while others are made of heavier ones. The weight of a crate becomes important if you plan on using it for transportation purposes. Lastly, you want to make sure that its materials are safe. Dogs are very fond of putting things in their mouths. You can expect your dogs to lick and bite its crate quite often. This is why you need to ​ensure that a crate’s materials don’t contain anything toxic. You should also ensure that your dog’s crate doesn’t have small parts that can be swallowed.

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