The Best Dog Toys For Heavy Chewers

Some dogs like to chew more than others. A dog’s love for chewing depends on its breed and on its personal traits as well. It is quite obvious that a dog that chews a lot tends to be destructive. Excessive and destructive chewing is an annoying trait that can be hard to get rid of. Luckily, you can tone down your dog’s need for chewing with the help of the right toys. Today, we will be going through toys that are designed to take a beating and provide restless dogs with something to vent out on.

Dogs tend to chew for many reasons. In fact, their primary way of interacting with the world is with their mouths. However, some dogs just like to chew more than others. This article on WebMD provides plenty of insight on why some dogs are more destructive chewers. There is a possibility that your dog isn’t an aggressive chewer by default, but some form of restlessness is driving them to chew. In cases like these, solving the underlying problem can correct your dog’s chewing habits.

When it comes to aggressive chewers (such as Labradors) a normal dog toy won’t do the job. They can make short work of a normal toy, reducing it to pieces and even swallowing it (which is pretty bad). Picking a chew toy for a heavy chewer isn’t as easy as buying any toy with an “unbreakable” label on it. You need to take multiple factors into account that determine the toy’s usage and its safety.

Let’s start exploring all of these factors.

Safety Factors

best dog toys for heavy chewers

You should never even think about compromising on this. A chew toy that is not safe can become a safety hazard for your dog, one that can possibly cost you your pet’s life. Which is why you must make sure to buy quality toys made by reputable companies. Most of the factors that we will discuss in this article will directly affect a toy’s safety levels. However, you need to make sure that the chew toy doesn’t contain toxic materials. Some Chinese companies are known for doing this so keep an eye out for them.

A toy that is hard to swallow is going to be a safe one. This is where the toughness of a toy comes into play. A toy made of strong materials will be able to take punishment for longer. However, a toy shouldn’t be so tough that biting on it puts excessive strain on your dog’s jaws. There needs to be a perfect balance between toughness and chew-ability. This ensures that the toy doesn’t break but also remains chewy.

Keep in mind that a dog’s jaws have plenty of biting power. Anything that is going to stay in their mouths for extended periods of time is bound to begin breaking at some point. Even the most durable dog toy is going to break at one point. When this happens, you should replace the toy as soon as possible.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should never blindly trust a dog toy. Always keep a watch over your dog as they play with their toy. Dogs with a love for chewing can be incredibly destructive.  With a bit of time, they can run their teeth through pretty much anything. You are not monitoring your dog’s playtime just for the toy’s sake. You need to ensure that your dog doesn’t go overboard and harm itself.

The size of a toy matters as well. A toy that is too small for your dog could go down their throat. While a larger toy may be too bulky for your dog to enjoy. Build quality and responsible production really play an important role in determining a toy’s toughness. However, the factor that really decides a toy’s usefulness is its material.

Let’s look at materials that make good heavy duty dog chew toys and what materials don’t.

Materials to Look For

Toys made of hard and malleable rubber make superb, long-lasting heavy duty chew toys. Good quality rubber is hard to tear apart but is malleable enough to make biting into it easy. Rubber chew toys are a great choice for aggressive chewers since they will last for a while and are incredibly safe. Just make sure to buy a toy made by a trustworthy company. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about inferior and unsafe materials.

Sturdy rope like material is recommended as a chew toy for larger dog breeds. The fibrous structure of rope provides dogs with a great chewing sensation while providing good resistance against tearing. Rope toys made of cotton are safe since cotton doesn’t harm the digestive system if it gets swallowed. However, if you want toughness than you should go for toys made of synthetic materials such as nylon. It is advised to replace these toys the moment they begin showing signs of wear and tear.

A great thing about a rope toy is that it can be used to make playtime interactive. Such as playing tug of war with their owner or with another dog. They are easy to clean and are a good toy for energetic and chewing dogs.

Materials That Should Be Avoided

Squeaker toys can be great fun, but they are not recommended for dogs that chew heavily. These toys are made of soft rubber and can easily be torn by dogs with heavier bites. The last thing that you want is pieces of rubber in your dog’s stomach or throat.

Toys made of fleece or plushies with stuffing in them are a definite no as well. These softer toys are made for puppies and docile dogs that like to cuddle their toys rather than rip them to shreds. They are easy to rip apart and the stuffing inside of them can easily become a major choking hazard.

Toys made of latex, brittle material such as plastic or vinyl are a bad choice as well. These materials are quick to break into tiny pieces with sharp or rough edges. These tiny pieces can do all kinds of damage in your dog’s mouth and inside their digestive system as well. Toys with small parts or parts that can be detached are also dangerous. One should definitely stay clear of any toy that has metal on it.

Pick The Right Size

Aggressive chewers tend to chomp on their toys with a lot of energy. They usually try to get as much of the toy into their mouths as possible. Which is why one should pick the size of a toy carefully. The right size will depend on your dog’s breed and their age, make sure that their toy is not small enough to fit into their throat. Larger toys are better, but a toy that is too large can be hard to play with, so do not go overboard with the size.

Before you head out to buy a durable dog toy, take note of one more thing. You might find cheaper toys more attractive, but you should steel yourself and buy something expensive. This is because, in indestructible dog toys, a bigger price tag means better quality, and better quality means more safety. Remember, a toy should make your dog’s life more fun, not more dangerous. Also, an expensive toy will last longer than a cheaper one, meaning that you get to save money in the long run.

You are now ready to head out and buy a toy for your dog that will keep their chomp cravings satisfied and keep your belongings safe from their destructive jaws.

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