Hachiko Featured on NBC Hartford, CT for National Dog Day

Dana Humphrey AKA The Pet Lady on NBC in Hartford, CT to celebrate tips for national dog day!

Top 6 ways to celebrate national dog day

1. Explore a new place to walk.
Are you taking the same walk month after month? Find a new place to visit such as the harbor, a park/trail, relax at an outdoor cafe. If your dog is good socially with other dogs, visit a park.

Hachiko pet gadget, measure your dog’s walk!
Hachiko is a sensor that simply attaches to any harness or collar and measures a dog’s activity using Bluetooth technology that connects to an iPhone 5 phone or higher. Made of tough polycarbonate plastic shell, Hachiko is 100{5df8b94f69f16fb9d8060560c714aec25c9f72a5530b68bd65fc4bdc6133ce69} waterproof and has a 12-month battery life. There’s no need for owners to remove and recharge. Retailing for only $39.99, the sensors are available in a variety of fun bright colors and pet parents can choose a Hachiko that best fits their dog’s style and personality.

2. Teach Something New!
A trick or add to your obedience commands. It doesn’t have to be complex, dogs like to learn. They like to show off how smart they are too! So don’t limit their lies, tap into what they have to offer and they will become better companions.

After a new trick reward with healthy treats! It’s all about positive reinforcement.

3. Check your dog’s diet.
Is it time to feed a different type of food due to aging, a change in activity level or possible allergies? Ask your vet to help determine which food will provide your pet maximum health.

4. Rotate toys during the week.
Life can become boring with the same old toys kicking around. Have a dozen different kinds and leave two or three out at a time. Hide the rest and rotate them during the week. If your dog is a destructive chewer, vulnerable toys should be given only when you can supervise.

5. Be aware of the heat!
Dogs have paws not shoes! Street fairs can be a fun place to take your dog, but asphalt is HOT and paws absorb the heat quickly. Take along water and find lots of shade.

6. Does your dog need training? Difficult dogs are often kept outside.
Biters are isolated and barkers are annoying, leash-pullers don’t get many walks. These pets miss out on the important benefits of proper exercise and socializing. Maybe it’s time to call a dog trainer.

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