How Did Jimin’s Dog Passed Away

Jimin is a Korean singer and songwriter who has written many songs in the past. He is best known as the lead vocalist of BTS. Recently, he has posted a video on twitter about his dog passing away, which has made many people sad.

The tweet that Jimin posted was translated by Google Translate and it says: “I am sorry to share that my dog passed away yesterday due to an accident”.

Jimin’s post was translated by Google Translate and it says: “I am sorry to share that my dog passed away yesterday due to an accident”.

Who was Jimin’s dog?

According to Cheat Sheet, Jimin had a dog named Ddosun. Unfortunately, his furry friend passed away. Jimin never turned towards adopting another dog. However, the singer showers Taehyung’s dog Yeontan with lots of love.[1]

Why does Jimin not have a pet?

Not just that, Jimin also revealed why he can’t have pets, despite being an animal lover. Jimin shared that although he loves cats, he is allergic to them and thus cannot adopt them.[2]

Did Gureum pass away?

BTS maknae Jungkook’s brother Jeon Jung Hyun has shared the news of the family dog Gureum’s passing on Instagram. He informed that Gureum passed away at the end of 2021 and was part of the family for 21 years. He wrote, ‘Gureum passed away around the end of last year.[3]

Is Jin’s dog alive?

Jin’s dog died in 2017. BTS J-Hope talks about Jin crying when his dog died. BTS member J-Hope recently revealed that when Jin learned about the death of his dog, Jjanggu, he cried uncontrollably. The dog, a Maltese breed, died in 2017.[4]

What is Jimin favorite animal?

Before he could speak, Jimin teased him by calling his alias ‘V’. Everyone laughed. He re rejected it and finally said his favorite animal was Zebra. Coincidentally, Jimin was wearing a black and white striped shirt like the skin color of a Zebra.[5]

Is Jimin a cat or dog person?

Jimin does not have any pets As of this writing, Jimin is the only BTS member without a pet. He had a mixed-breed dog, Ddosun, that unfortunately died. Since then, Jimin hasn’t adopted other pets. However, he is known for his love of animals, especially dogs and cats.[6]

What is BTS allergic to?

BTS’s V told fans via social media that he has a skin condition called “cholinergic urticaria” that makes him “itchy, itchy,” and it’s triggered by things that make the performer’s body temperature rise.[7]

Is Jimin left handed?

Six members of BTS are right-handed Some say that left-handed people tend to be more creative and involved in the arts. However, there are seven members of this K-pop group and six of them are, reportedly, right-handed. That includes RM, J-Hope, Jungkook, Jin, Suga, and Jimin.[8]

Does Jimin have a tattoo?

However, one should note that these are not the first tattoos Jimin has sported publicly. The K-pop star also has a “Young Forever” tattoo just above each of his elbows on the back of both his arms, a “13” on his wrist, and the ever-so-popular “Nevermind” across his ribs.[9]

How old is BAM Jungkook’s dog?

Bam was introduced to the world in the recently concluded BTS In The Soop series. He is a 4-month-old Doberman puppy.[10]

What is Jin’s dog name?

Jjangu (쟌구) was a white “Maltese” dog who belonged to Jin. He unfortunately passed away on September 28, 2017.[11]

Do all BTS members have pets?

Their furry little friends wait for them to come back and spend some time with them. It is indeed true that members of the boy group are animal lovers who regularly fawn over their pets on social media.[12]

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