Italian Dog Names: The Perfect “Primo” Names For Your Canine

From the reign of the Roman Empire to the revival of the Renaissance time period, Italy is a country in which art and culture has flourished profusely, and there seems to be a perennial sense of prestige associated with this land. Whether you want to indicate your cultural heritage or want to give an appropriate title to your dog’s ancestral lineage, there are many Italian dog names that you can choose for your pooch.

Everything sounds sweeter and more sophisticated in a Romance language, and whether you use this language to your leverage to name a unique dish or your four-legged canine, it would be a great decision that you would never regret. Giving your furbaby an exotic title would not only add a fancy vibe linked to them, but it would also make you feel proud for giving them the respect that they respect by putting some time into it.

Why Use an Italian Title For Your Pet?

Names originating from Italy usually turn out to be the most eye-catching and gorgeous titles that you can adorn over your furry companions. Just like the vibrant and gleeful culture of the Italians, your frolicsome and joyful dog deserves a meaningful name that reflects his or her personality and traits. There is no better way of emanating your amore for Italia by using this beautiful language to select a name for your loyal dog. Even if your ancestral lineage doesn’t trace back to Italian roots, you can still give an Italian name for your pooch to create a kind of borderless connection with the land no matter what part of the globe you are currently living in. Maybe you are just addicted to the consumption of that three-cheese pizza from the local Italian café or the Fettuccini Alfredo served at the nearby fine dining restaurant. This way, every time when you call your dog to give some sort of command or order, you would be reminded about your favorite food items that you always have craving for.

Tips For Choosing an Ideal Italian Name For Your Pooch

Whether you own native Italian breeds, such as Neapolitan Mastiff and greyhound, or have adopted a local breed from a pet shelter, there are various factors that you should take into consideration before garlanding the title over your pet.

  • It is always better to select names with two syllables, such as Enzo and Elda, so that your dog can easily respond to the commands given by their owner. According to various studies, dogs have better comprehension when it comes to interpreting two-syllabled words and they have better chances of building up a meaningful communication bond with their human.
  • Names that comprise of vowels “a”, “e”, and “i” are more likely to be audible to your dog and they would be react in an appropriate manner when you utilize these vowels in their titles.
  • We all know that Italy is known for its high-end fashion and apparel brands, such as Versace and Giorgio Armani. You can use these brand names as bona fide titles for a canine. So, if you are lucky enough to get twin puppies from the local pet store or the shelter, you can call them Dolce and Gabbana.
  • Are you buying a male or a female pup? In Italian language, the names ending with an “a” are used for females and the names that end with an “o” are used for males. So, now you can name your pooch based on its gender rather than randomly giving a title without any consideration.

List of Italian Dog Names

  • Lupo

It means “Wolf”. This name can be perfectly reserved for a Husky that closely resembles to its cousin canines in the pine forests.

  • Bruno

It literally means “brown hair”. You can use this title if you have brown colored dog breed, such as Irish Doodle or Neapolitan Mastiff.

  • Pompeii

We all know about this ancient Roman city that was engulfed in ashes because of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Despite the fact that this city was doomed centuries ago, we can still find relics that indicate about the devastation that was brought upon by nature to this land. This is a name based on geography, and you can definitely use it for you pooch to show their inner fire that can be unleashed anytime if they are provoked or agitated without any reason.

  • Trevi

This is considered an iconic structure in Rome, and no matter what time of the year you visit this place you would notice camera-wielding crowd in all the directions. The origination of this word is also believed to be linked with ancient Latin, in which it means “three streets”. By giving this classic title to your pooch, not only would you be able to pay homage to the ancient city, but it would also add sophistication to the name of your pet.

  • Leonardo

He was considered a prominent figure in the Italian Renaissance, and he was also celebrated as a gifted sculptor and architect of him time. We are all aware about his famous paintings, such as “Mona Lisa” and “the Last Supper”. He was a jack of all trades, and seemed to have extraordinary expertise in highly diverse fields. If you think that your pooch has high intellectual level and a personality of his own, then this can be a suitable name for him.

  • Bambino

The meaning of this word is “child”. If your furbaby acts like a child all the time and has the mood swings like that of a kid, then you can use this title for him.

  • Amico

This name means “friend” in Italian and this can be adorned on any breed of dog since they are all known as “Man’s Best Friends”. No matter what the circumstances or external situations, your canine companion would show you the true meaning of friendship and would stay by your side throughout his lifespan no matter what happens.

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