Large Dog Breeds With Long Hair

Some pet lovers prefer having longhaired dogs in their house because of their elegant and majestic appearance – which is enhanced by the silkiness of their long and fine locks. Despite the fact that it can take a substantial amount of time as far as the grooming of these furry canines is concerned, people still love adore them because they are super pettable and highly unique. As long as you are not allergic to dog fur, you can avail great joy by owning large dog breeds with long hair in your house. These dogs come in numerous shapes and sizes, ranging from hunting dogs to show dogs. Depending upon your expectations and requirements, you can select from a wide variety of breeds.

Many of us dream of owning these handsome canines, and we imagine feeling their soft and lush locks with our hands. Those smooth flowing tresses require high standard of cleanliness and care, because they can easily become frizzy if you don’t use high-quality pet shampoos and cleaning products for them. You also have to keep in mind that some breeds might shed fur to a great extent, so you might want to look for more hypoallergenic breeds. Here we are detailing a list of long-haired canines that are large in size. If you would like to see a list of short haired canines then you can click here.

Irish Wolfhound

​This is an ancient breed of canines that was originally bred in Ireland in times of war to drag injured people off to carriages and vehicles. They have a commanding appearance, and can be easily considered as one of the biggest breeds of dogs in the world. Although they have rough and rigid hair structure, but it is long in length, and it keeps them protected against the harsh winds of the winter season. According to the American Kennel Club, this breed sheds its long and wiry fur throughout the year, so the owners should perform brushing routines on a weekly basis to keep them looking their best. The proportion of hair density is higher near the brow and jaw area, which gives them a unique appearance. They are not the perfect breed options for apartment dwellers, because they require large yard space to walk around every day, as it keeps them fit and healthy.

​South Russian Ovcharka

​Also known as the South Russian Shepherd Dog, this is a breed of robust constitution, with a profuse wooly coat – which is white in color. They have high level of endurance and stamina, which enables them to patrol their designated areas for hours without feeling tired or exhausted. They are highly protective of their humans, and can even act aggressive toward strangers if they are not allowed to socialize with people at a younger age. Their thick fur coat allows them to adapt to adverse climate conditions, and they can withstand diverse temperature levels. They can respond harshly to any negative activity, because they have a natural instinct of guarding a herd or far remote property. This breed of dog has a willful and independent nature, which is makes them perfect options for security dogs. According to Pet Guide, this robust breed requires a strong hand in leadership – which makes them unsuitable option for novice pet owners. You should also introduce to new dogs in your neighborhood on a daily basis, as they have a tendency of enforcing their will over other canines in their surroundings.

​Pyrenean Mountain Dog

​Also known as the Great Pyrenees, this breed dates back several centuries, and it is was mainly bred to guard goat and sheep in farmlands owned by peasants. According to some research projects conducted in France, their fossils can be dated back to Bronze Age, so it is a highly ancient breed. This is a thickly coated canine breed, which was mainly used to ward off wolves and other predators in large fields and mountains. They have a beautiful weatherproof coat, which gives them the leverage of surviving in cold climate regions. Their lush white fur gives them a unique majestic appearance, and they have a steady and well-balanced pace. Because of their massive body size, they have a high resistance towards various diseases, which can be a great advantage from people living in rural areas where the medical treatment and care is not readily available. The Pets4Homes suggests that they are not suitable for first-time dog owners, because they have an innate stubborn steak associated with them, which can make things difficult for an inexperienced individual.


​This is considered an aristocratic breed as it was considered a royalty in ancient Europe. With a calm and well-balanced disposition, they are good-natured dogs that can be highly obedient to their owners. They have been respected and dignified for hundreds of years by the royals for their regal outlook and slender body dimensions. Despite the fact that they give off unique fancy vibes, these dogs were originally bred to locate wolves in the forests as they would pin predators in the area without any difficulty. These long-coated canines don’t shed excessive amount of hair throughout the year, but they only tend to release fur at a rapid speed for a few weeks at a specific period of each year. Because of their majestic pace, you can easily envision them sitting in Palaces alongside of emperors and rulers, or maybe your apartment.

​Afghan Hound

This ancient breed proudly wears a dramatic silky coat, which gives them a highly sophisticated appearance. They are strikingly strong-willed dogs, and can act stubborn sometimes depending upon their overall mood and energy levels. In order to keep their smooth fur clean and mat-free, the owner might have to perform grooming tasks for many hours. They are high-maintenance dogs, and you should be ready to give them regular baths and daily combing sessions. Because of their jumping capability, you should have high fences in your yard or lawn in order to prevent them from going outside. Their high energy levels give them a great need for daily exercise routines and walk sessions.

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