Large Dog Breeds With Long Lifespan

It is an unfortunate fact that at some point in life, you would have to bid farewell to your canine companion even if you are not ready to go on your journey without them on your side. According to several health researches, it has been noted that larger dogs tend to have less lifespan compared to that of their smaller counterparts. If you are looking for large dog breeds with long lifespan, then you might have limited options to choose from because many few breeds seem to buck this trend of dying at an early age. One study proved that this incident takes place because of the presence of higher room for free radicals to damage critical parts of the body – which in turn can damage cells of the creature.

Despite the fact that you can make close predictions about the potential lifespan of a particular breed of dog, it cannot fully guarantee that the breed you select is going to live the designated years. The wellbeing of a dog depends on other factors as well, such as the level of maintenance and care the owner is willing to go. The quality of meals provided to the dog, and he is given the love that he desires and deserves to experience. Here is a list of canines that have a long lifespan, and the owners get the opportunity of living with them for several of years.

Alaskan Malamute

​This is a heavy-duty working dog originally hailing from Alaska, which was mainly bred to drag sleds and carry heavy loads because of their massive strength and endurance in the cold climate conditions. This canine is built like a tank, and is strong enough to guard his territory no matter what it takes to do so. They have a strikingly long lifespan that ranges anywhere from 13 to 15 years. It is one of those ancient species that has retained its original features and outlook, and it can be easily recognized by its bushy tail. It has a robust body that weight 75 to 85 pounds on average. According to the American Kennel Club, the calorie consumption of this breed should be closely monitored as they can easily become overweight by feeding more than they can burn in a day. They are considered high-shedding pooches that require vigorous grooming sessions on a weekly basis.

​Doberman Pinscher

Besides having a long lifespan, this is a canine with keen intelligence and responds well to the instructions and commands given to him from his owner. It is an ancient breed with Germanic origins, this is a dog that is mainly used for personal protection rather than guarding a yard or a farm. They usually have rough reputation because of their commanding appearance, but they actually prove to be loyal and obedient to their family. They can easily reach 14 years of age, and tend to develop less number of body disorders compared to their counterparts of similar body dimensions.

American Kennel Club advises the owners of dobbies to take them for daily walks and hiking trips in order to ensure their physical and mental wellbeing. With its sleek coat and upright body posture, it gives this dog a unique aristocratic breed that can be imagined to be kept by the royals. Their crops were originally cropped so that they can locate sound waves more precisely, but now it just serves to give them a highly aesthetic look. It nicely plays the role of a household guardian and usually behaves well around all the family members.


This is unique European breed of sight-hound that was mainly used to hunt local hare and other small game, but it is now introduced in the racing industry because of its inimitable running capability. Because of the massive allocation of this breed in the racing tournaments, many of them ending up for adoption offers and they are applied to get re-homed when their career is over. Their average lifespan is reported to be around 12 years of age, which is substantially longer compared to that of other sight-hounds.

Their even-tempered demeanor makes them perfect canine companions to be kept in a household as they don’t normally become agitated by external factors. This is a quite an old breed, which can even be found on Egyptian artifacts portrayed as special beings. They exhibit minimal stress levels in a household setting, even though we mostly see them galloping off on racing tracks. Because of their high life expectancy, you can easily look forward to enjoy their companionship for many years to come. Make sure to provide high-quality protein and good doses of fat to your pooch, so that they can retain their health according to their original lifespan.

​Siberian Husky

This is a beautiful working sled dog that is known in the modern times for its bright multi-colored eyes and distinct facial features. They have a high tendency of running away or escaping from their households, which is the reason its owners should stay alert at all times and install proper fencing around their property. Their life expectancy ranges from 12 to 15 years of age, and the females have a higher chance of outliving their male counterparts – which is a common trend among all the breeds of dogs.

According to Dogtime, timid individuals should not consider this breed as they are properly trained by owners who are willing to show consistency and high level of discipline as far as their training is concerned. As mentioned earlier, they are notoriously known to be escape artists, and would never miss the opportunity of breaking off the property. You should always be cautious about this tendency of your wolf-like pup, and take all the measures necessary to prevent them from venturing outside without your knowledge. Their heritage as active sled dogs makes them less susceptible to developing potential diseases, and they can be kept healthy throughout their life as long as you provide them high-quality food and proper care.

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