Large Dog Breeds With Short Hair

Dogs are incredibly loveable, but if we are being honest, they require tons of work for the owners to perform on a daily basis, such as grooming and training sessions. For office-goers or full-time housewives, it can sometimes be overwhelming to properly raise a pup in the house because they already have other responsibilities on their shoulders. Because of the fact that a high level of commitment and devotion is required, many people feel demotivated to buy a canine companion. Fortunately, such people can simply go for large dog breeds with short hair – which in turn requires low amount of keep on any given day. All you would need to do is gently brush their hair once a week and it would be enough to maintain their hygiene on a long-term basis. You can even go for hypoallergenic breeds, as they are perfect options for people with pre-existing allergies and inflammation issues associated with pet fur. These short-haired pups are less susceptible of getting their hair matted or tangled after going for long periods without grooming. If you have already decided to buy short-haired breed of dog that is large in size, then you can find a suitable candidate in the list mentioned below.

German Shorthaired Pointer

​These lanky canines were initially bred in Germany during the early decades of the 19th century for the purpose of hunting a versatile range of game in the surrounding terrain. It is an all-purpose gundog that possess remarkable skills or pointing and retrieving game, and it is considered a highly sought after breed for pro hunters. This is a highly athletic breed that mainly thrives on excessive daily exercise sessions, and it can easily get frustrated if it is not given enough land space it needs to exert the energy. You should be prepared to provide them high-intensity training sessions, as they can quickly become destructive if they are kept in confined space for a long period of time. American Kennel Club suggests that the owners only need to provide them a good once-over grooming session after every few days. They have a long water-repellant coat that keeps them protected against the rainfall during the winter season, and prevents them from easily catching a cold or flu.

​Labrador Retriever

​It is undoubtedly the most famous pedigree breed in the market, as their unique friendly faces and cuddly bodies make them perfect options for families and first-time pet owners. They are originally bred to assist fishermen in the fishing-related activities, ranging from fetching nets to pointing potential game in a specific area. It is a good-natured breed that has a reputation of making new friends where it goes, and it is hard not to pet a Lab when you see it walking across the street. They are companionable canines that can be easily kept in households with children, because they are have a fairly controlled temperament and don’t easily get agitated. According to Dogtime, the weather-resistant coat of labs makes very easy for owners to groom them, and they only need to be thoroughly bathed after every two months. This sweet-natured dog should never be left for solitude in the backyard, because it can easily feel lonely, and it requires love and compassion from the owner.

​Great Dane

​Also known as the “Apollo of Dogs”, this is a highly noble and gentle breed that can be kept in indoor spaces without any difficulty. Many people say that if you are enthusiastic about owning a horse, then buying this giant pup might satisfy all your related needs. Because of their colossal body structure, the owner must have enough have enough financial resources to keep them well-fed throughout the day as their appetite might be higher compared to other canines. They can get along with other dogs in the neighborhood as they are generally more open to making bonds with other dogs. Their loud and deep bark can easily keep potential criminals and robbers at bay, and would dramatically increase the security prospects of your residential property. According to Hills Pet, they should be trained to remain obedient to their owners at all times, because it can get difficult to manage them due to their massive body dimensions. Despite the fact that they have the strength to hunt down a wild boar, they don’t tend to vent out their energy in an aggressive manner.


​This is a robust working breed that was initially bred to pull carts and carry heavy objects because of its massive muscular proportions to the body. It was also considered an effective herding dog that stayed committed to the task and orders given to him. It has a particular aloofness associated with it that can get intimidating for strangers and new dogs. Newbies should never consider getting these powerful canines, because they can gradually become aggressive and defiant towards their owner if they are not trained professionally. According to the American Kennel Club, the Rotties are more likely to shed their fur during the spring and fall seasons, so their owners should brush them on a weekly basis. In order to end up with a well-mannered Rott, the owners should be willing to properly train them from an early stage of life, so that they respond to your constructions without giving preference to their own will.


This is one of the most popular breed of dogs in America, and people usually love keeping them in their homes because of their puppy-like behavior that stays with them throughout their adulthood. This is a highly playful breed of dog that would never refuse when he has the opportunity of going to the local park for a walk. Their shortened nose makes it difficult for them to thrive in a warm climate season, and the owners should always ensure to keep them hydrated at all times. On the other hand, their short coat also makes it difficult for them to withstand excessively cold weather condition.

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