Raw Dog Food Suppliers Near Me: Shifting to The Original Diet

When you search for raw dog food, you will come across many suppliers. This shows how much popularity raw dog food has gained in the past few years. A while ago, people were hesitant about feeding raw food to their pets but now, more and more people are adopting this idea.

Raw Dog Food Suppliers Near ​You

History of Raw Dog Food

There was a time when raw dog food used to be a controversial topic. Older breeds such as sled dogs have eaten raw dog food since forever. In 1993, Ian Billinghurst, an Australian vet, proposed the idea that the same food should be given to family pets. The diet suggested by him was called BARF. It stands for Bones and Raw Food. Alternately, it is an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.

According to the Australian vet, this diet would be suitable for dogs as this is what they used to eat before they were domesticated. This diet is a mixture of meaty bones and some vegetable scraps.

What Does Raw Dog Food Consist Of?

Raw food for dogs consists of almost everything that a dog could need. Along with meat, which is essential, other foods are also present in it so that pets can be enriched in all sorts of nutrients.

  • Bones
  • Muscles meat
  • Eggs (raw)
  • Dairy
  • Vegetables like celery and spinach
  • Liver and kidney meat
  • Fruits such as apples

The idea behind raw pet food is to get the dogs closer to their original diet, which they used to intake before being domesticated. According to Doug Knueven, DVM, raw dog food is more beneficial for most pets than processed dog foods.

Benefits of Raw Dog Food

There are many physical and behavioral benefits of raw pet food. In terms of their physical health, dogs tend to do much better when they are given their original diet rather than processed foods.

Digestion And Weight

Dogs who are on ​this diet do not only have improved digestion, but their weight is also much controlled. This is because they are getting a balanced amount of all nutrients. Since raw food consists of fiber too, it helps in improving digestion.

Clean Teeth

Another benefit of raw food is that it makes the dogs’ teeth cleaner and gives them fresher breath. This definitely has a lot to do with the fact that processed foods have certain ingredients in them that can cause the pets to have a foul smell in their breath.

Reduced Allergies

All pups are different. It is often likely that your dog might have an allergy to a certain kind of ​pet food or might not acquire the taste for it. This is not a concern when you shift to raw ​pet food.

Immune System Enhancement

Processed foods might fill up your pet’s belly, but they do not do much to improve the internal bodily functioning of your best friend. On the contrary, raw food is rich in all sorts of nutrients, and they help in strengthening the immune system.

Less Smelly Stools

Just like processed foods leave a smell on their breath, they also make the dogs have smelly stools. This problem can go away with raw food.

Healthier Skin

Many veterinarians have attested to the fact that raw food helps in improving the coat appearance and making the skin healthier in canines. Thus, your dog does look not only good with raw food but also stays healthy on the inside.

Risks of Raw Food

The American Veterinary Medical Association is not a proponent of raw ​pet food as they claim that this diet also has risks for your pets. First of all, studies say that raw food could have pathogens in it that could harm your pet’s health.

Similarly, bacteria present in raw meat and bones could be a hazard to human and canine health, both. Moreover, raw bones present in ​pet food could choke your pet or cause internal punctures.

Despite these risks being proclaimed, many pet owners are shifting towards raw food because if this is what dogs were originally eating, why not give them the same nutrients now. Some experts say that these concerns are being blown out of proportion. Also, the issue of processed ​pet food contaminated with melamine opened the pet owner’s eyes, and they became more skeptical of processed foods.

What Should The Raw Dog Food Have?

When you buy ​dog food from a supplier in your vicinity, you have to make sure that the food has some important minerals. Otherwise, you are not doing your dog much of a favor.


The raw food much be rich in calcium and phosphorus as these minerals are extremely important for the bone health of your dogs. They are also essential for a pup to grow properly, without any deficiency.

Balanced Amount of Fat

Even though fat is good for strengthening the immune system and making your dog healthier, you should buy ​dog food that has too much fat in it. This could cause health concerns in the long run for your dog. Thus, when you are buying food, check if the fat is in a controlled proportion.

Muscle Meat

Muscle meat is also essential for your dog as the pet needs enough protein for repair and structure build-up in the body. If your pet has more protein in their body, they will be stronger and will be able to repair much faster in case of an injury.

Organ Meat

Most raw pet foods also contain organ meats. The same principle applies here, as in the case of fat. Make sure that the organ meat is in a controlled amount and is not forming a bulk of the ​dog food.


Lastly, it is your decision to choose the best for your pet. Just like you, your pets also need all the essential nutrients, and most commercial varieties of dog foods are not providing them these essential macromolecules. While making the transition from processed to raw food, take it slow. Also, make sure that you wash your hands while serving the food to keep yourself safe from any potentially harmful bacteria that might be present in it.

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