What is The Smartest Breed of Dog?

A good way to ascertain whether or not a particular breed of dog would be right for you would be to try and get the sort of dog that would be as smart as possible. This is a great choice for many because one of your primary purposes for getting a dog would be to train it to do a wide variety of things. Smarter dogs would be more able to understand what you want from it, and at the same time would have the ability to give you the sort of empathy that less intelligent dogs might not be able to provide.

While it is rather difficult to rate the intelligence of dogs the way you might rate the intelligence of human beings, you do have a couple of things to go on. The first of these things would be how many times you would have to perform a certain task in order to get your dog to learn a certain command. This would show your dog’s initial learning curve which is an essential part of training overall. Apart from this, you can judge a dog’s intelligence based on how often it responds to a command once it has learned it. The more often a dog recognizes a command the more intelligent it probably is.

When you talk about dogs that have truly top tier intelligence, dogs such as Border Collies and German Shepherds, you are talking about pups that can learn a command after being exposed to it fewer than five times. Once a command has been learned you can expect these dogs to obey it pretty much all of the time except for rare instances that are so few and far between one can chalk them up to rounding errors.

Second tier dogs included breeds such as Welsh Corgis and Cocker Spaniels. These dogs may not be as smart as top tier dogs but they can learn a command in around ten or so exposures, fifteen at most, and obey around four out of every five times a command is given. These dogs tend to be smaller than top tier dogs, so it is theorized that this has something to do with brain size and the like, although there are probably a lot more factors at play such as the fact that people tend to take the training of larger dogs a lot more seriously than they would smaller dogs.

You have six total tiers of dogs, but if you want a working dog that would obey whatever you are telling it to do it would be a good idea to stick to the top two tiers. This would ensure that you get a pet that would be a breeze to train, and would prove to be a companion that you would be able to enjoy playing with for a long time indeed. These dogs are perfect for the type of pet owner that values discipline above all else.

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