Be The Hero in Your Dog’s Life




Invite your partner, family and even your dog walker to care for your dog.


Each time your dog is being cared for, she will send you a real time update about what she is up to, with who,

and where.


Haven’t walked your dog enough today? She’s at home for too long? Time for her food or medicine?

Leave it up to your dog.  She will let you know.




#1 Easily attach Hachiko’s sensor to your dog’s collar.

#2 Download our app





#3 Invite all of those caring for your dog to join in the fun. Your dog is walked, fed, or played with?

All of his followers will be notified in real time.






#1 Place order






#2 Recieve Hachiko and download Hachiko App






#3 Start enjoying Hachiko.







Hachiko’s sensor is the result of two years of development and is FCC approved.

The sensor is light, compact and fully waterproof.

It works on a single battery for many months.  There is no need to remove the sensor for recharging.

Our sensor uses Smart Bluetooth technology to communicate with your iPhone.  It is the same technology used by leading fitness trackers for people.

Hachiko’s sensor sends data  only if activities of interest are happening with your dog.

7 Things To Teach Your Dog!

Let’s see how Jacob the rescue dog is doing! We’ll cover how to train dogs hand signals and see how hop, stay, roll over, play dead, spin, shake, leg weaving and come around are looking!

What is The Smartest Breed of Dog?

A good way to ascertain whether or not a particular breed of dog would be right for you would be to try and get the sort of dog that would be as smart as possible. This is a great choice for many because one of your primary purposes for getting a dog would be to train it to do a wide variety of things. Smarter dogs would be more able to understand what you want from it, and at the same time would have the ability to give you the sort of empathy that less intelligent dogs might not be able to provide.

The Least Intelligent Dog Breeds

Choosing a breed of dog that you want to own as a pet can be a pretty daunting task, but the fact of the matter remains that there are a lot of different factors you can take into account. For one, there are some breeds of dog that are less intelligent than others. These breeds have a lot more that they can offer you, but if intelligence is what you are looking for then you would do well to avoid these particular breeds if you want to be able to ensure that you have the best time possible.

Is It Ethical to Train Dogs For Therapy?

Therapy dogs can be a big help to a lot of people, particularly children that are undergoing a great deal of stress due to the illnesses that they are suffering from. However, a lot of people are starting to question the ethicality of this practice. After all, dogs that are trained to provide therapeutic benefits to people are living creatures themselves. Dogs are widely known to be some of the most sensitive creatures in the world, and they have a reputation for being empathetic and very open about their own feelings as well. Hence, it is natural that people would start wondering about whether or not they are being impacted by the job that they have been tasked to perform.

Can You Own a Husky While Living in The City?

When you see a husky, you tend to want to own it as a pet. This is because huskies are absolutely gorgeous animals, and when you interact with them you would notice that they are extremely playful and energetic which makes them appear to be the perfect pet for you. While it is certainly true that these animals make amazing pets, they are not easy to take care of. Huskies are very high energy animals; they need a great deal of stimulation and exercise and if they do not get this kind of stimulation they are going to end up getting very agitated. This is why so many huskies are abandoned every year; people want a nice, energetic pet but they are just not willing to take care of such pets.