Badass Dog Names For Your Killa Canine Companion

Whether you own a Bullmastiff guard dog or a fluffy Pomeranian, you should give them a title that would allow them to move ahead in life with pride and confidence. Giving badass dog names is one of the best ways to let everyone on the block know that they mean business, and messing with them for no reason would not end well. This tenacious aspect also showcases the loyalty and obedience of a dog towards its owner, and it turns out to be a great way to portray the real impressive personality of your pooch. This stereotype of having names with attitude is associated with guard dogs – which are kept for the protection of an open air property or a single-family house.

On the contrary, if your dog doesn’t boast a muscular and formidable appearance – like that of a Rottweiler or Pitbull – then you use the ironic name to make everyone laugh around you and find it amusing.

Why Choose a Tough Dog Name?

Suggesting badass names to your bandit and outlawed pooch can be a great way, as you would only be using titles that are based on their habits and temperament. There is no better way to give the deserved credit to our fearless and protective canines than to give them cool names. This can provide a sense of reassurance to us that we are treating our furry friends in a right manner, and acknowledging their loyalty and unconditional love for us. You can even give a tough name to your tiny and sassy dog, which would reflect its unique attitude and high self-esteem despite its small body size and dimensions.

Many people even give such imposing name to their pooches to be ironic, as everyone around them would notice and would definitely find it amusing upon discovering that the name belongs to a minuscule pup who is quite harmless.

Being labelled as “Man’s best friend”, most dogs are able to go according to the expectations of their owners and they provide them with unconditional love and loyalty of lifetime. He or she would be able to tell about your current mood and frame of mind just be looking at your facial expressions. These expressed emotions can be easily interpreted by any breed of dog regardless of how fearsome and ferocious they might appear from their external appearance.

How to Select a Tough Name For Your Pet?

Dogs with large stature and impressive disposition often become deserved contenders for some of the most badass names, such as Ajax and Axel. When we are in danger or when we require immediate assistance in emergency situations, our dogs can easily detect that we are in dire help and they would go to any length when it comes to rescuing their owners.

Majority of the global population considers dogs to be the perfect pets for their households that they can always rely on for an eternity. As soon as you bring a puppy to your home, you need to select an appropriate title for your soon-to-be best friend. There are various factors that might make it easier for you to pick up a suitable name, which includes, fur density, coat color, body size, and overall demeanor.

Tough Dog Names List

Some breeds might not be able to own up a badass name because of their adorable and sweet face. On the other hand, others might have unique facial features and temperament qualities that would clearly speak out their inner qualities of being born for the fame. The classic blue and green eyes of a Husky are highly unique in the canine family, and it is a body trait that makes them really cool among their other counterparts. Similarly, the inward facing front legs and stocky built of an American bulldog is enough to demand respect from everyone in the pooch park, and these dogs definitely deserve to be called a badass name.

We hope you find an eye-catching name for you pooch in the list of names given below:

  • Adira

This name originates from Hebrew dialect and it basically means “strong”. This is a suitable name given to a female dog who is not afraid to stand its ground when all the other canines might look sideways to think of an exit mission.

  • Thor

We are all aware about the God of Thunder who has the power of wielding a hammer with an immense power that no man is worthy of possessing. The enormous strength and valor associated with this name is enough to make people notice your dog as soon as you call it wherever you are.

  • Diesel

This is a highly macho name suitable for a dog with high muscle density and intimidating stare. It might go well for a German shepherd or Dachshund puppy, because of the German heritage of this title.

  • Magnus

It is derived from ancient Latin language and it means “the greatest”. Many historic figures were given this title, as they became emperors and rulers of vast pieces of land and were revered by several people belonging to a nation.

  • Isa

It basically refers to someone with “strong will” – which means a person who keeps on going regardless of the hardships and tests that are thrown their way. This meaningful name can be given to a pooch that is fearless and brave in nature, regardless of being tiny in terms of its length.

  • Fang

Despite the fact that this name sounds quite corny, but it can be really cool to give it to your dog who canines resemble to sharp fangs. This catchy title can be given to any pooch that has long and protruding set of teeth in the front.

  • Ragnarok

This name is present in the legends that originate from an ancient mythology. It has been foresighted that when the catastrophic event of Ragnarok will occur, the entire planet would be covered in fire and havoc. This a name suitable for a dog that remains calm and peaceful, and doesn’t get easily agitated.

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