Best Toys For Blue Heelers: How to Keep Your Canine Pet Busy

Also known as Australian cattle dogs, blue heeler is an extremely intelligent breed that was initially bred by the settlers to guard and herd their cattle. These pleasant canines are highly preferred as affectionate companion for families living in Australia, and their temperament allows them to be kept in households with children. If you are looking for the best toys for blue heelers, then you should first get basic information about this breed and its personality traits, so that you can engage them in a stimulating activity that keep their adrenaline levels up.

The Importance of Fun Toys For ​Australian Cattle Dog

You should know about the demands and requirements about a particular breed before acquiring it, because you don’t want to make it depressed and lonely at the end of the day. They are never content with staying inactive throughout the day, because they have strong energy levels that allows them to perform vigorous exercises and running sessions in the park. Your pup can easily become bored of a monotonous routine, which in turn can make them take part in destructive activities to take out their frustration. You don’t want your dog to misbehave and show signs of agitation at an early age, and it is always better to keep on introducing new chewable toys that keeps them exerting their energy. They would easily reject a mediocre toy within the first few days, and would find other places to find fun as they have extraordinary stamina and endurance.

What Toys Do Blue Heelers Like?

The uncanny intelligence of this breed allows it to be self-reliant rather than constantly depending upon getting stroked or petted by their owner. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t strive to get appreciated by their human or get timely rewards for their accomplishments. In order to ensure that this breed reaches its full potential, you have to be calm and patient while performing their training sessions as they would gradually become accustomed to it. It can be a difficult task to suit an engaging toy that fits the active nature of this dog.

The toy you introduce to your pup should be able to cater to the herding instincts of the breed, so that they can grow up by slowly acquiring their built-in personality traits and behavior style. The toy should involve some sort of physical game, which in turn would provide an outlet to burn their pent up energy.

How to Choose Suitable Toys For This Breed?

Rather than being tempted to purchase cheap toys – which can potentially contain hazardous material and chemicals inside them – it is highly recommended to go for high-quality playing items for this dog. Because of their excessive chewing habit, they can easily destroy a soft object made out of furry and smooth fabric. If your dog has a habit of swallowing foreign objects, then you also have to ensure that the size and dimension of the toy is big enough to prevent any choking hazards. Many pups have a tendency of gulping down anything they run into, and the owners should always stay alert and cautious about removing all the small items from the household to prevent any mishap.

It is always safe to go with products made from rubber because of its long-lasting material, and you can keep it in your pet kennel without having it under your constant supervision. The rubber film can easily withstand substantial amount of bite force without breaking apart, and it can definitely last for a long period of time.

Finding The Best Toys For Your Blue Heeler

Herding balls seem to be most appropriate toy option for your dog, as it ensures to keep igniting their herding instinct and it helps them maintain a balance throughout the day. Once your blue heeler is given the opportunity to chase and control a large ball, he or she would be relieved to practice their natural instincts without having to take part in other activities that might put them off sometimes. The hard protective layer of these giant balls is virtually indestructible, and it can retain its shape for many years to come. Your pup would finally be able to use its claws and teeth on something that is not stationary, and they can chase it down whenever they feel the urge to do so.

Motorized dog toys are also great solutions to control the herding instinct of this breed, as they have the opportunity to navigate into different directions as they try to catch the items. These electronic toys can be operated from an app on your smartphone or a dedicated remote – which makes it easier for you to mobilize the toy within the set boundaries of your household.

Features And Factors to Look For in a Potential Toy For Your Pup

From the size and weight of the toy items to their manufacturing material, the owners have to thoroughly analyze market to bring safe and fun toys. There should be no protruding bodies in the item you select, as that can potentially hurt your pet’s eyes or other delicate parts of the body.

The type of coating a certain toy has can tell a lot about its health implication and safety standards. If the coating is treated with flavor, then that can potentially hurt the digestive system of your pooch. If your dog is able to taste an interesting flavor, he might be tempted to swallow it up – which can dangerous.

It is highly recommended to purchase toys that are dishwasher friendly, as that would allow you to maintain high levels of sanitization and cleanliness at all times. You can never predict what places and surroundings a particular toy has been taken to, and before giving it back to your canine companion you should properly disinfect it. The toy should also be highly entertaining, because insufficient stimulation can result in boredom for your pet. Make sure to keep things interesting by bring new and exciting toy items every week.

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