Why Does My Dog Bury His Head In Blankets


Have you ever seen your dog bury his head in a blanket or bury himself under the covers of your bed? If so, you may be wondering why does my dog bury his head in blankets? This article will explore the reasons why dogs may do this behavior, as well as some tips for managing it if it becomes an issue for your pet.

What is Blanket Burying?

Blanket burying is a behavior that many dogs engage in, usually when they are feeling anxious, stressed, or seeking comfort and security. It involves a dog burying their head under a blanket or other soft material such as clothing or towels, often with just their nose sticking out so they can still breathe easily. This behavior can range from mild to severe depending on the individual dog and the situation they are in; some dogs only do it occasionally while others may do it multiple times per day or even all day long when left alone at home without supervision.

Reasons Why Dogs Bury Their Heads in Blankets

There are several potential reasons why dogs may engage in this behavior, including comfort and security, natural instincts, anxiety and stress relief, temperature regulation, protection from noises and other stimuli, and seeking attention or affection from their humans. Let’s take a closer look at each one of these possible explanations for why does my dog bury his head in blankets:

Comfort and Security

Dogs enjoy having something soft to curl up against when they sleep or rest; many breeds have thick fur coats which provide them with insulation from the cold but can also make them feel uncomfortable if there isn’t something else to provide an extra layer of warmth. When a dog buries his head in a blanket he is creating a cozy den-like environment around himself which can help him feel secure and safe.

Natural Instincts

Dogs are descended from wolves who would instinctively dig into the ground to create dens for themselves. This behavior is still instinctive in domestic dogs today and they will often seek out soft materials such as blankets to dig into instead of dirt. Burying their heads into something soft is also comforting for them as it mimics the feeling of being surrounded by fur like their ancestors would have been when living in dens made of dirt.

Anxiety and Stress Relief

Dogs may also use blanket burying as a way to cope with anxiety or stress caused by changes in their environment or unfamiliar situations. Being able to hide away under something soft can help them feel more secure and provide them with an escape from whatever is causing them distress.

Temperature Regulation

Another reason why dogs may bury their heads in blankets is because it helps them regulate their body temperature. The fabric of the blanket helps keep them warm when it’s cold outside and cool when it’s hot; this is especially beneficial for breeds with thin fur coats who don’t have much natural insulation against extreme temperatures.

Protection from Noises and Other Stimuli

Some dogs may also use blanket burying as a way to protect themselves from loud noises such as thunderstorms or fireworks, as well as other potential stimuli that could be causing them distress such as unfamiliar people or animals. By hiding away under something soft they are able to block out these sources of stimulation which helps them feel more relaxed and secure.

Seeking Attention or Affection

In some cases, dogs may use blanket burying as a way to get attention from their humans; if they know that burying themselves under something soft always results in you coming over to check on them then they will continue doing it even if there isn’t another reason behind the behavior.


If you’ve ever noticed your dog burying his head in blankets then you now know that there could be several different reasons behind this behavior ranging from comfort and security to seeking attention or affection from you. It’s important to pay attention to your pet’s body language so that you can tell if they are feeling anxious or stressed; if this is the case then providing extra love and reassurance can help reduce any negative feelings they may be experiencing. Additionally, providing them with comfortable beds or blankets that they can burrow into can help make them feel more secure during times of distress or uncertainty.


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