Best Large Dog Breeds For Families

Having a dog as part of a family portrait is not an uncommon sight. When we try and visualize a typical family, we expect to see a cute smiling couple with 2 kids and a large friendly dog running around them in a playful manner. For generations, dogs have been considered part of the common household due to their kind and affectionate nature, their excellent companionship, loyalty, devotion and trust. Not to mention there sense of eagerness to protect and serve their owners. So what are the best large dog breeds for families? This is a question that gets tossed around so much that you may find the answers a bit confusing and overwhelming.

Based on the research done by the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty towards Animals or ASPCA, around 44 percent households these days have a dog as their pet choice. However, the numbers do not ascertain that all families having these large animals are truly having fun with their pets. In fact there are instances in which families often find it difficult to adjust with their large 4 legged friend simply due to incompatibilities. Therefore, this is one choice that needs to be made with a lot of careful consideration and some good quality research.

When talking about large dogs, they usually fall within the 50 to 90lbs weight category. Although dogs do come in sizes larger than 100 pounds, these are usually referred to as giants. So let’s try and look for some of the best options you may consider if you wish to have a new canine friend who would be your friend for life and would be your committed companion for a long time to come.

The list is not any particular order as all these animals make excellent pets for any household.

  • Labrador Retriever
  • Poodle
  • Siberian Husky
  • German Shepherd
  • Golden Retriever
  • Doberman
  • Basset Hound
  • English Bulldog

So let’s look at these dogs more closely to see which one would be the perfect fit for your household.

Labrador Retriever

​Easily considered to be one the best family dogs hands down! These are lovable pets and very gentle. They could be a lot of fun around kids. The Lab Retriever is also used in law enforcement as well as other workforces due to their quick train abilities. You can also consider Labradoodles which are a hybrid between a Labrador and a poodle.


​Usually people consider ​poodles a​s tea cup pups. While the fact is these come in different sizes with the large being more than 50 pounds. They are cute and cuddly, love playing with kids and easy to train.

​Siberian Husky

​Gentle blue eyed beauties. They are known to be very affectionate to toddlers and other members of the family.

​German Shepherd

​The most common dog that is considered a very loyal and smart companion. Serves multi-purpose duties for the owner including being a guard dog. They are also used as part of police force.

​Golden Retriever

​These are humble loving and affectionate similar to the labs. They are fond of playing around with the kids. They love taking walks and catching Frisbees.


​At first glance, they look menacing. But these are known to be gentle giants. Despite their killer aura, these canines are known to be one of the kindest around kids and family members. They are protective of their owner’s property and could go the extra mile to ensure they are serving their masters.

​Basset Hounds

​Although their name implies that they are fearsome hunters, the fact is they are commonly found living a happy carefree life with families. East to train, excellent co-existing qualities with other breeds and known to be very energetic around kids. These animals have friendly demeanor and make a good choice for families having kids.

​English Bulldogs

​These dogs are perfect for families that have a sluggish life style and do not find running around the park with their dog to be fun enough. The English Bulldogs are known to be couch buddies and they don’t run around too much. These dogs enjoy similar company from their owners.  

​There are many other dog breeds as well which could become excellent affectionate pets around your household especially houses containing kids and little babies. While we cannot cover all of the breeds you have the option to choose from in this article, we will look into what makes these dogs all so special to be considered as newest members of our families. So let’s look at some of the common traits these dogs have which can prove to be the main factor that will make you choose one over another.

What Characteristics to Look For in Your Next Canine?

  • Being affectionate is the most important trait which would determine the rest of the personality traits. The dog you wish to introduce in the family should be very friendly and affectionate. If you have a large dog among your kids and they do not feel overwhelming joy and affection from their new pet, the bond would not develop
  • Friendly and cheerful around other pets, kids and in public. Remember, you would be required to take the dog out for a walk, to the mall, in the park and even other places where there are a lot of choices for your pet to interact with. Having a loud and barking dog with you will not go well in public places.
  • Similar to humans, dogs tend to get tired and become less agile during their lifespan. For a family having little kids that are running around all the time, a dog which is more energetic rather than laid back would be a better option
  • Some dogs require minimal supervision. They do most of their workout during the day by chasing small critters in the lawn or running after little Timmy. They do not require a lot of attention or care. On the contrary, there are dogs that demand a lot of attention and work.
  • Noise level is another thing to consider. There are dogs which are by nature quieter than others. Such dogs are ideal for families that are living in closed environments or have neighbors that are not fond of pet noises.

So which dog is the RIGHT choice for you? It really depends on you! Do your research and get your facts correct before deciding to pick up your next pet.

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