Large Dog Breeds For Apartments

Have your heart set on buying a large canine companion though you reside in a small apartment or condo? Despite the popular perception, a smaller breed doesn’t necessarily make the cut for great apartment dwellers, because they tend to have higher energy levels than their larger counterparts, and they need to exert their bodies in a large outdoor space in order to stay healthy. This might be a highly relieving thing to know if you are looking for large dog breeds for apartments. Now, you have a much wider range of breeds to choose from than just resorting to keeping a purse-size pup in your limited living space. Most large breeds get a bad rep for keeping in apartment units, because of their overall intimidating appearance and body dimensions. Check out some of our favorite large dog breeds who would turn out to be perfect choices for your limited square footage.


​Believe it or not, this formidable canine breed can prove to be a great choice for you, as they tend to become more stable and calm as they mature. According American Kennel Club, these black-masked giants can live happily in an apartment because of their low exercise requirements. Due to the presence of high muscle mass ratio, they tend get overheated when covering a long distance journey. Their moderate energy levels also make them great companions to be around your children, and you can allow them to play with your children under your supervision. Taking them to the local park for a short walk can be a great exercise session for them, which would keep them healthy.

​Great Dane

​Despite the fact that this breed was originally bred to hunt massive wild boars, they are fairly laid-back, and tend to have lower energy levels compared to other dogs of their size range. The puppies should mostly be kept inside the house, because they can develop joint and bone disorders if they are subjected to overexertion during their childhood. Their calm disposition and family nature has earned them the title “gentle giants”, and you can easily sense these vibes around them. American Kennel Club advises the owners of this breed to gently expose the pup to new people, so that it can develop socialization skills with other people at an early life stage. Despite their massive bodyweight and intimidating outlook, they are surprisingly mellow, and they like to enjoy moments of deep sleep and relaxation at any given day.

​Standard Poodle

​If you want to have an intelligent dog, you can never go wrong with a poodle. These furry dogs have a high response rate, and they can be easily trained to not bark, so that you can give your neighbors the liberty of enjoying their peace in their units. They tend to get along well with other dogs and animals in the surrounding area, which means that the apartment dwellers don’t have to worry about facing any legal charges for owning a destructive breed of dog in their residential property. Because of the fact that they look up to their owners for directions and motivation, you need to provide some sort of stimulation to them to keep them fit and strong. Their unique protective instincts make them great companions for families with kids, as they are always up for guarding the ones they love. If you hire a dog walker, then make sure to instruct him to give your pooch adequate time to rest up during the routine walk sessions.

​Rhodesian Ridgeback

​They are basically hounds that are known for their strength and intelligence, and they have a natural instinct of protecting the territory from potential intruders or invaders. Due to their hyper nature, it is highly advised to start training a pup from an early age so that you can prevent them from becoming highly aggressive towards strangers. Their playing routine can sometimes be harsh, especially during the time when they are teething. Despite their stubborn nature, they can be highly obedient if you train them with strict discipline. Because of their excessive energy and stamina, they might easily get distracted during the training sessions, this is the reason you need to be equipped with the right stimulants when you are teaching them a certain trick or command. Once you establish leadership from their childhood, it would be very easy for you to make them listen to you instantly.

​Chinese Shar-Pei

​This is a highly sober and dignified breed of dog, and they easily attach themselves to their owner who takes care of them. They are very easy to housebreak, and have a calm temperament in general. According to Dogtime, they can be easily kept in an apartment or condo, as long as the owners take them out for walk every week. Because of the aloof nature of this breed, they can become aggressive towards strangers if they are not given enough opportunities during their young age to socialize. Their long and thick furry coat makes it difficult for them to maintain moderate body temperature in hot climate surroundings, so it is highly important that you keep them in an air-conditioned space when it gets warn outside.


​Despite the common perception about this breed because of their running capabilities and stamina, they don’t require that much exercise per day. All they need is a swift walk for about five minutes in an open space, and after that you would find them curled up in your couch for several hours. They don’t bark much or make loud noises, which make them a perfect canine companion to keep in an apartment unit with close boundaries with other neighbors. These racing dogs prefer to be in a calm environment, and usually prefer staying indoors, as long as their owner is giving them the love and care they need. You should never let them become inactive, because it can potentially make them to put on unwanted amount of weight in a short period of time.

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